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What's New in Oracle Database Security?

Part I Overview of Security Considerations and Requirements

1 Security Requirements, Threats, and Concepts

2 Security Checklists and Recommendations

3 Security Policies and Tips

Part II Security Features, Concepts, and Alternatives

4 Authentication Methods

5 Authorization: Privileges, Roles, Profiles, and Resource Limitations

6 Access Control on Tables, Views, Synonyms, or Rows

7 Security Policies

8 Database Auditing: Security Considerations

Part III Security Implementation, Configuration, and Administration

9 Secure External Password Store

10 Administering Authentication

11 Administering User Privileges, Roles, and Profiles

12 Configuring and Administering Auditing

13 Introducing Database Security for Application Developers

14 Using Virtual Private Database to Implement Application Security Policies

15 Implementing Application Context and Fine-Grained Access Control

16 Preserving User Identity in Multitiered Environments

17 Developing Applications Using Data Encryption

Part IV Appendixes

A Addressing The CONNECT Role Change

B Verifying Data Integrity with DBMS_SQLHASH