This is a text description of grpsbtab.gif, which is an image of the Group subtab page in Enterprise Security Manager Console. The Group subtab is one of two subtabs in the Users and Groups tabbed window. You use the Group subtab to edit the following Enterprise User Security directory administrative groups: Oracle Database Registration Administrators (Users who can register databases in this Identity Management realm, including creating database server entries and subtrees, and adding the newly registered database to the Oracle Default Domain.) Oracle Database Security Administrators (Users who can create and delete enterprise domains in this Identity Management realm, move databases between enterprise domains, and configure cross-domain information, such as the authentication mechanism to be used between databases and directories.) Oracle Context Administrators (Users who can administer all entities in this Oracle Context.) User Security Administrators (Users who can administer password attributes of other users in the Identity Management realm.) To edit an administrative group, select the radio button adjacent to the group name and then click Edit in the upper right corner of the page.