D Oracle Cluster Registry Configuration Tool Command Syntax

This appendix describes the syntax of the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) tool, OCRCONFIG under the following topic:

The OCR Configuration Tool Command Syntax and Options

Use the ocrconfig command to perform OCR Configuration Tool operations with administrative privileges on UNIX-based systems or as a user with Administrator privileges on Windows-based systems. The ocrconfig command syntax is as follows where options is one of the verbs shown in the Option column of Table D-1:

ocrconfig -option

Table D-1 The ocrconfig Command Options

Option Purpose


To change an OCR backup file location. For this entry, use a full path that is accessible by all of the nodes.


To downgrade an OCR to an earlier version.


To export the contents of an OCR into a target file.


To display help for the ocrconfig commands.


To import the OCR contents from a previously exported OCR file.


To update an OCR configuration that is recorded on the OCR with the current OCR configuration information that is found on the node from which you are running this command.


To update an OCR configuration on the node from which you are running this command with the new configuration information specified by this command.


To add, replace, or remove an OCR location.


To restore an OCR from an automatically created OCR backup file.


To display the location, timestamp, and the originating node name of the backup files that Oracle created in the past 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, and in the last day and week. You do not have to be the root user to execute the -showbackup option.


To upgrade an OCR to a later version.

For example, to export the OCR contents to a binary file, use the ocrconfig command with the following syntax where file_name is the file to which you want to export the OCR contents as follows:

ocrconfig -export file_name