The screenshot shows the DBCA Database Services window in the background and the Add a Service window in the foreground.

In the Database Services window, there is a list of Database Services on the left side of the window, and Details panel for each service on the right side of the window. In the list of services is the database with a single service named test. At the bottom of the list of services are two buttons, Add and Remove.

In the Details for test panel, there is a list of the instances in the sales database, sales1 and sales1. For each instance there are three options, Not Used, Preferred, and Available. The Preferred option is selected for both instances. At the bottom of the Details section are the TAF Policy options: None, Basic, and Pre-connect. The option None is selected.

At the bottom of the window, from left to right, are the buttons Cancel, Help, Back, Next (grayed out), and Finish.

In the Add a Service window in the foreground, there is a single text entry field, labeled Enter Service Name. The field is empty. Below the field are three buttons: OK, Cancel, and Help.

End of description.