The screenshot shows the rest of the Create Service page. The first option shown if the Connection Load Balancing Goal. The first option is Short, the second option, which is currently selected, is Long.

In the middle of the screenshot are two sections. The one on the left is titled Notification Properties, and it has three options. The first is a check box labeled Enable Load Balancing Advisory. This option is selected. Under this option are two additional options. The text for these options says "Enable advisory for load balancing based on service quality." The two options are Service Time and Throughput. The screenshot show Service Time as selected.

In the middle of the page on the right side is the section labeled Service Threshold Levels. The text for this section reads "If thresholds are specified, alerts will be published when the service elapsed response time and/or CPU time exceed the threshold." Below this text are two rows. Each row has two text entry fields labeled Warning and Critical. The first row has the heading Elapsed Time Threshold (milliseconds). The second row has the heading CPU Time Threshold (milliseconds). There are no values specified in either row.

Near the bottom of the page is the last section, titled Resource Management Properties. The text for this section says "Associate this service with a predefined consumer group or job class." There are two options in this section. The first is labeled Consumer Group Mapping, and is followed by a list. The list displays the value LOW_GROUP. The second option is labeled Job Scheduler Mapping and is followed by a list. The list displays the value None.

On the bottom right of the page are two buttons, Cancel and OK. Below these buttons is a list of menu links. The links are, from left to right, Database, Setup, Preferences, Help, and Logout.

End of description.