The screenshot shows the Cluster Managed Database Service detail page for the DEVUSERS service. The introductory text on this page says "The service has been configured to run on the following instances. A service may have been stopped on an instance if the instance was down or the service was disabled. Starting a service on a down instance will first bring up the down instance."

Below this text is the following information about the service:

Service Status, Service is running on all preferred instances.

Transparent Application Failover (TAF) Policy: NONE

Top Consumers, followed by a link labeled Details.

Service Properties, followed by a link labeled Edit.

Below this information is the Instances section. The service is shown to be running on the Preferred instance, sales1, and stopped on the Available instance, sales2. In the top right-hand side of this section are buttons labeled Enable, Disable, Start, Stop, and Relocate.

On the top right-hand of the page near the top is the date and the Refresh button.

End of description.