List of Tables

1-1 Oracle HTTP Server Modules
2-1 Classes and Directives
6-1 Examples of OraLogSeverity
6-2 Apache Log Level and Corresponding Oracle Message Type
6-3 Logging Level
7-1 Oracle HTTP Server Modules
7-2 CGI Environment Variables with Corresponding Header Names
7-3 mod_plsql Configuration Files and Parameters
7-4 Platform Type and Corresponding Shared Library Path Environment Variable
7-5 Rewrite Rules Hints
7-6 Request Redirection
8-1 Directives Descriptions
8-2 mod_ossl and mod_ssl Differences
8-3 SSLCipher Suite Tags
8-4 Cipher Suites Supported in Oracle Database
8-5 Standard Variables for SSLRequire Varname
8-6 SSL Variables for SSLRequire Varname.