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BITAND computes an AND operation on the bits of expr1 and expr2, both of which must resolve to nonnegative integers, and returns an integer. This function is commonly used with the DECODE function, as illustrated in the example that follows.

An AND operation compares two bit values. If the values are the same, the operator returns 1. If the values are different, the operator returns 0. Only significant bits are compared. For example, an AND operation on the integers 5 (binary 101) and 1 (binary 001 or 1) compares only the rightmost bit, and results in a value of 1 (binary 1).

Both arguments can be any numeric datatype, or any nonnumeric datatype that can be implicitly converted to NUMBER. The function returns NUMBER.


This function does not determine the datatype of the value returned. Therefore, in SQL*Plus, you must specify BITAND in a wrapper, such as TO_NUMBER, which returns a datatype.

See Also:

Table 2-10, "Implicit Type Conversion Matrix" for more information on implicit conversion


The following represents each order_status in the sample table oe.orders by individual bits. (The example specifies options that can total only 7, so rows with order_status greater than 7 are eliminated.)

SELECT order_id, customer_id,
  DECODE(BITAND(order_status, 1), 1, 'Warehouse', 'PostOffice')
  DECODE(BITAND(order_status, 2), 2, 'Ground', 'Air') Method,
  DECODE(BITAND(order_status, 4), 4, 'Insured', 'Certified') Receipt
  FROM orders
  WHERE order_status < 8;

---------- ----------- ---------- ------ ---------
      2458         101 PostOffice Air    Certified
      2397         102 Warehouse  Air    Certified
      2454         103 Warehouse  Air    Certified
      2354         104 PostOffice Air    Certified
      2358         105 PostOffice Ground Certified
      2381         106 Warehouse  Ground Certified
      2440         107 Warehouse  Ground Certified
      2357         108 Warehouse  Air    Insured
      2394         109 Warehouse  Air    Insured
      2435         144 PostOffice Ground Insured
      2455         145 Warehouse  Ground Insured
      2356         105 Warehouse  Air    Insured
      2360         107 PostOffice Air    Insured