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This function is for use with decision tree models and single-feature Adaptive Bayes Network (ABN) models created by the DBMS_DATA_MINING package or with the Oracle Data Mining Java API. It returns an XML string containing model-specific information related to the scoring of the input row. In this release, the return value takes the following form:

<Node id= "integer"/>

where integer is the identifier of a data mining tree node. The form of the output is subject to change. It may be enhanced to provide additional prediction information in future releases.

The mining_attribute_clause behaves as described for the PREDICTION function. Please refer to mining_attribute_clause.

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The following example uses all attributes from the mining_data_apply_v view that are relevant predictors for the DT_SH_Clas_sample decision tree model. For customers who work in technical support and are under age 25, it returns the tree node that results from scoring those records with the DT_SH_Clas_sample model.

This example, and the prerequisite data mining operations, including the creation of the view, can be found in the demo files $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo/dmdtdemo.sql. General information on data mining demo files is available in Oracle Data Mining Administrator's Guide. The example is presented here to illustrate the syntactic use of the function.

SELECT cust_id, education,
   PREDICTION_DETAILS(DT_SH_Clas_sample using *) treenode
   FROM mining_data_apply_v
   WHERE occupation = 'TechSup' AND age < 25
   ORDER BY cust_id;

---------- --------------------- -------------------------
    100234 < Bach.               <Node id="21"/>
    100320 < Bach.               <Node id="21"/>
    100349 < Bach.               <Node id="21"/>
    100419 < Bach.               <Node id="21"/>
    100583 < Bach.               <Node id="13"/>
    100657 HS-grad               <Node id="21"/>
    101171 < Bach.               <Node id="21"/>
    101225 < Bach.               <Node id="21"/>
    101338 < Bach.               <Node id="21"/>
9 rows selected.