Tools Support

Oracle provides a number of utilities to facilitate your SQL development process:

  • SQL*Plus is an interactive and batch query tool that is installed with every Oracle Database server or client installation. It has a command-line user interface and a web-based user interface called iSQL*Plus.

  • Oracle JDeveloper is a multiple-platform integrated development environment supporting the complete lifecycle of development for Java, Web services, and SQL. It provides a graphical interface for executing and tuning SQL statements and a visual schema diagrammer (database modeler). It also supports editing, compiling, and debugging PL/SQL applications.

  • Oracle HTML DB is a hosted environment for developing and deploying database-related Web applications. SQL Workshop is a component of Oracle HTML DB that lets you view and manage database objects from a Web browser. SQL Workshop offers quick access to a SQL command processor and a SQL script repository.

See Also:

SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference and Oracle HTML DB User's Guide for more information on these products

The Oracle Call Interface and Oracle precompilers let you embed standard SQL statements within a procedure programming language.

  • The Oracle Call Interface (OCI) lets you embed SQL statements in C programs.

  • The Oracle precompilers, Pro*C/C++ and Pro*COBOL, interpret embedded SQL statements and translate them into statements that can be understood by C/C++ and COBOL compilers, respectively.

See Also:

Oracle C++ Call Interface Programmer's Guide, Pro*COBOL Programmer's Guide, and Oracle Call Interface Programmer's Guide for additional information on the embedded SQL statements allowed in each product

Most (but not all) Oracle tools also support all features of Oracle SQL. This reference describes the complete functionality of SQL. If the Oracle tool that you are using does not support this complete functionality, then you can find a discussion of the restrictions in the manual describing the tool, such as SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference.