List of Tables

2-1 Original Export Parameters and Their Counterparts in Data Pump Export
2-2 Supported Activities in Data Pump Export's Interactive-Command Mode
3-1 Valid Object Types For the Data Pump Export TRANSFORM Parameter
3-2 Original Import Parameters and Their Counterparts in Data Pump Import
3-3 Supported Activities in Data Pump Import's Interactive-Command Mode
5-1 Valid Job States in Which DBMS_DATAPUMP Procedures Can Be Executed
6-1 Case Studies and Their Related Files
7-1 Exit Codes for SQL*Loader
8-1 Parameters for the INFILE Keyword
8-2 Parameters for the CONTINUEIF Clause
8-3 Fixed-Length Fields
8-4 Nongraphic Fields
8-5 Graphic Fields
8-6 Variable-Length Fields
9-1 Parameters for the Position Specification Clause
9-2 Datatype Conversions for Datetime and Interval Datatypes
9-3 Parameters Used for Specifying Delimiters
9-4 Parameters for the Field Condition Clause
9-5 Behavior Summary for Trimming Whitespace
9-6 Parameters Used for Column Specification
16-1 Parameters for the DBNEWID Utility
18-1 DBMS_METADATA Procedures Used for Retrieving Multiple Objects
18-2 DBMS_METADATA Procedures Used for the Browsing Interface
18-3 DBMS_METADATA Procedures and Functions for Submitting XML Data
19-1 Privileges Required to Import Objects into Your Own Schema
19-2 Privileges Required to Import Grants
19-3 Objects Exported and Imported in Each Mode
19-4 Sequence of Events During Updates by Two Users
19-5 Maximum Size for Dump Files
19-6 Exit Codes for Export and Import
19-7 Using Different Releases of Export and Import
20-1 Summary of ASM Commands
20-2 Flags for the ls command
20-3 Attribute descriptions for lsdg command output
B-1 Symbols and Conventions for Backus-Naur Form Syntax