This screenshot shows the progress of the Verify operation. The verify procedure:

  1. Shows current data protection mode settings, including the current log transport mode settings for each database and whether or not the standby redo logs are configured properly. If standby redo logs are needed for any database, the Verify results will allow you to automatically configure them.

  2. Allow you to automatically repair Inconsistent Properties. These are changes that were made outside of the broker that are different than the current broker settings. You can fix these properties from the Completion page.

  3. Validates each database for the current status.

  4. Performs a log switch on the primary database (non RAC) and then verifies that the log was applied on each standby database.

  5. Checks the agent status for each database. The agent is required to perform any bounce operation during switchover, failover or changing protection modes. The verify process runs a SQL*plus job (if credentials are available) on the agent. If credentials are not available to run the job, the agent is pinged instead. Any errors during this process will be shown in detailed results.

  6. Shows the results of the Verify operation, including errors, if any. The Verify operation completes successfully if there are no errors and a redo log was successfully applied to all standby databases.

  7. You have the option of cancelling this operation.