In an Automatic Storage Management instance, V$ASM_OPERATION displays one row for every active Automatic Storage Management long running operation executing in the Automatic Storage Management instance. In a database instance, V$ASM_OPERATION displays no rows.

Column Datatype Description
GROUP_NUMBER NUMBER Disk group number (primary key). This is the foreign key to the V$ASM_DISKGROUP view.
OPERATION VARCHAR2(5) Type of the operation:
  • REBAL - Rebalance pending for this group. The diskgroup needs rebalance to complete.

  • COD - COD recovery pending for group. There are COD's that need to be recovered, These could be CODs which are part of the rebalance or CODs which are rolling back operations, such as file creations.

  • DSCV - Disk rediscovery pending. RBAL is doing disk discovery, probing the system for devices that ASM can use.

  • ACD - ACD grow chunk pending for group. New ASM instance has joined the cluster and this instance is growing the ACD to accommodate it.

  • RFRSH - PST refresh/disk expel required. Requesting PST refresh and asking the disk to be expelled after it is refreshed.

  • EXPEL - End of rebalance expel required. Background operation complete, winding down.

STATE VARCHAR2(4) State of the operation:
  • WAIT - No operations running for the group

  • RUN - Operation running for the group

  • REAP - Operation is being run down

  • HALT - Operation halted by admin

  • ERRORS - Operation halted by errors

POWER NUMBER Power requested for the operation as specified by the ASM_POWER_LIMIT initialization parameter or command syntax
ACTUAL NUMBER Power allocated to the operation
SOFAR NUMBER Number of Allocation Units that have been moved so far by the operation
EST_WORK NUMBER Estimated number of Allocation Units that have to be moved by the operation
EST_RATE NUMBER Estimated number of Allocation Units that are being moved per minute by the operation
EST_MINUTES NUMBER Estimated amount of time (in minutes) that the remainder of the operation is expected to take