V$BACKUP_DATAFILE displays information about control files and datafiles in backup sets from the control file.

Column Datatype Description
RECID NUMBER Backup datafile record ID
STAMP NUMBER Backup datafile record stamp
SET_STAMP NUMBER Backup set stamp
SET_COUNT NUMBER Backup set count
FILE# NUMBER Datafile number; set to 0 for control file
CREATION_CHANGE# NUMBER Creation system change number (SCN) of the datafile
CREATION_TIME DATE Creation timestamp of the datafile
RESETLOGS_CHANGE# NUMBER Resetlogs system change number (SCN) of the datafile when it was backed up
RESETLOGS_TIME DATE Resetlogs timestamp of the datafile when it was backed up
INCREMENTAL_LEVEL NUMBER (0-4) incremental backup level
INCREMENTAL_CHANGE# NUMBER All blocks changed after the incremental change number is included in this backup; set to 0 for a full backup
CHECKPOINT_CHANGE# NUMBER All changes up to the checkpoint change number are included in this backup
CHECKPOINT_TIME DATE Timestamp of the checkpoint
ABSOLUTE_FUZZY_CHANGE# NUMBER Highest change number in this backup
MARKED_CORRUPT NUMBER Number of blocks marked corrupt
MEDIA_CORRUPT NUMBER Number of blocks media corrupt
LOGICALLY_CORRUPT NUMBER Number of blocks logically corrupt
DATAFILE_BLOCKS NUMBER Size of the datafile in blocks at backup time. This value is also the number of blocks taken by the datafile restarted from this backup.
BLOCKS NUMBER Size of the backup datafile (in blocks). Unused blocks are not copied to the backup.
OLDEST_OFFLINE_RANGE NUMBER RECID of the oldest offline range record in this backup control file. 0 for datafile backups.

S - Standby copies

USED_CHANGE_TRACKING VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether change tracking data was used to accelerate this incremental backup (YES) or whether change tracking data was not used (NO)
BLOCKS_READ NUMBER Number of blocks that were scanned while taking this backup. If this was an incremental backup, and change tracking was used to optimize the backup, then the value of this column will be smaller than DATAFILE_BLOCKS. Otherwise, the value of this column will be the same as DATAFILE_BLOCKS. Even when change tracking data is used, the value of this column may be larger than BLOCKS, because the data read by change tracking is further refined during the process of creating an incremental backup.
USED_OPTIMIZATION VARCHAR2(3) Whether or not backup optimization was applied