This view contains datafile information from the control file.

See Also:

"V$DATAFILE_HEADER", which displays information from datafile headers
Column Datatype Description
FILE# NUMBER File identification number
CREATION_CHANGE# NUMBER Change number at which the datafile was created
CREATION_TIME DATE Timestamp of the datafile creation
TS# NUMBER Tablespace number
RFILE# NUMBER Tablespace relative datafile number
STATUS VARCHAR2(7) Type of file (system or user) and its status. Values: OFFLINE, ONLINE, SYSTEM, RECOVER, SYSOFF (an offline file from the SYSTEM tablespace)
ENABLED VARCHAR2(10) Describes how accessible the file is from SQL:
  • DISABLED - No SQL access allowed

  • READ ONLY - No SQL updates allowed

  • READ WRITE - Full access allowed

  • UNKNOWN - should not occur unless the control file is corrupted

CHECKPOINT_TIME DATE Timestamp of the checkpoint#
UNRECOVERABLE_CHANGE# NUMBER Last unrecoverable change number made to this datafile. If the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode, then this column is updated when an unrecoverable operation completes. If the database is not in ARCHIVELOG mode, this column does not get updated.
UNRECOVERABLE_TIME DATE Timestamp of the last unrecoverable change. This column is updated only if the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode.
LAST_CHANGE# NUMBER Last change number made to this datafile (null if the datafile is being changed)
LAST_TIME DATE Timestamp of the last change
OFFLINE_CHANGE# NUMBER Offline change number of the last offline range. This column is updated only when the datafile is brought online.
ONLINE_CHANGE# NUMBER Online change number of the last offline range
ONLINE_TIME DATE Online timestamp of the last offline range
BYTES NUMBER Current datafile size (in bytes); 0 if inaccessible
BLOCKS NUMBER Current datafile size (in blocks); 0 if inaccessible
CREATE_BYTES NUMBER Size when created (in bytes)
BLOCK_SIZE NUMBER Block size of the datafile
NAME VARCHAR2(513) Name of the datafile
PLUGGED_IN NUMBER Describes whether the tablespace is plugged in. The value is 1 if the tablespace is plugged in and has not been made read/write, 0 if not.
BLOCK1_OFFSET NUMBER Offset from the beginning of the file to where the Oracle generic information begins. The exact length of the file can be computed as follows: BYTES + BLOCK1_OFFSET.
AUX_NAME VARCHAR2(513) Auxiliary name that has been set for this file via CONFIGURE AUXNAME
FIRST_NONLOGGED_TIME DATE First nonlogged time