V$LOGSTDBY_PROCESS displays dynamic information about what is happening to the Data Guard log apply services. This view is very helpful when diagnosing performance problems during the logical application of archived redo logs to the standby database, and it can be helpful for other problems. This view is for logical standby databases only.

Column Datatype Description
SID NUMBER The session id of the associated session. This matches the SID column of the corresponding row in the V$SESSION view.
SERIAL# NUMBER The serial number of the associated session. (SID,SERIAL#) together uniquely identifies the session in the current database instance.
LOGSTDBY_ID NUMBER Parallel query slave ID
SPID VARCHAR2(12) This corresponds to the SPID value of the row corresponding to this process in the V$PROCESS view
TYPE VARCHAR2(30) The role that the process plays in the context of SQL Apply. Can take one of the following values: COORDINATOR, APPLIER, ANALYZER, READER, PREPARER, or BUILDER
STATUS_CODE NUMBER Operation code identifying the current action of the process
STATUS VARCHAR2(256) Description of the current action of the process
HIGH_SCN NUMBER Identifies the highest redo record/LCR processed by this process