For each distinct bind variable in each cursor owned by the session querying this view, this view describes:

  • Actual bind data, if the bind variable is user defined

  • The underlying literal, if the CURSOR_SHARING parameter is set to FORCE and the bind variable is system generated. (System-generated binds have a value of 256 in the SHARED_FLAG2 column.)

    Column Datatype Description
    CURSOR_NUM NUMBER Cursor number for this bind
    POSITION NUMBER Bind position
    DATATYPE NUMBER Bind datatype
    SHARED_MAX_LEN NUMBER Shared maximum length for this bind from the shared cursor object associated with this bind
    PRIVATE_MAX_LEN NUMBER Private maximum length for this bind sent from the client
    ARRAY_SIZE NUMBER Maximum number of array elements (for array binds only)
    PRECISION NUMBER Precision (for numeric binds)
    SCALE NUMBER Scale (for numeric binds)
    SHARED_FLAG NUMBER Shared bind data flags
    SHARED_FLAG2 NUMBER Shared bind data flags (continued)
    BUF_ADDRESS RAW(4 | 8) Bind buffer memory address
    BUF_LENGTH NUMBER Bind buffer length
    VAL_LENGTH NUMBER Actual bind value length
    BUF_FLAG NUMBER Bind buffer flags
    INDICATOR NUMBER Bind indicator
    VALUE VARCHAR2(4000) Contents of the bind buffer