This view displays decoded statistic names for the statistics shown in the V$SESSTAT and V$SYSSTAT tables.

On some platforms, the NAME and CLASS columns contain additional operating system-specific statistics.

Column Datatype Description
STATISTIC# NUMBER Statistic number

Note: Statistics numbers are not guaranteed to remain constant from one release to another. Therefore, you should rely on the statistics name rather than its number in your applications.

NAME VARCHAR2(64) Statistic name
CLASS NUMBER A number representing one or more statistics classes. The following class numbers are additive:
  • 1 - User

  • 2 - Redo

  • 4 - Enqueue

  • 8 - Cache

  • 16 - OS

  • 32 - Real Application Clusters

  • 64 - SQL

  • 128 - Debug

STAT_ID NUMBER Identifier of the statistic

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