Property Description
Parameter type String
Syntax ASM_DISKGROUPS = diskgroup [, diskgroup ] ...
Default value There is no default value.
Range of values Comma-separated list of strings, of up to 30 characters
Real Application Clusters Multiple instances can have different values.


This parameter may only be specified in an Automatic Storage Management instance.

ASM_DISKGROUPS specifies a list of names of disk groups to be mounted by an Automatic Storage Management instance at instance startup or when an ALTER DISKGROUP ALL MOUNT statement is issued.

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) automatically adds a disk group to this parameter when the disk group is successfully created or mounted, and automatically removes a disk group from this parameter when the disk group is dropped or dismounted.

Issuing the ALTER DISKGROUP...ALL MOUNT or ALTER DISKGROUP...ALL DISMOUNT command does not affect the value of this parameter.