Property Description
Parameter type String
Syntax AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL = facility.level
Default value none
Modifiable No
Basic No

AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL enables OS audit logs to be written to the system via the SYSLOG utility if the AUDIT_TRAIL parameter is set to os.

The value of facility can be any of the following: USER, LOCAL0-LOCAL7, SYSLOG, DAEMON, KERN, MAIL, AUTH, LPR, NEWS, UUCP or CRON.

The value of level can be any of the following: NOTICE, INFO, DEBUG, WARNING, ERR, CRIT, ALERT, EMERG .

If you use this parameter, it is best to assign a file corresponding to every facility.level combination (especially kern.emerg) in syslog.conf . Sometimes these are assigned to print to the console in the default syslog.conf file. This can become annoying and will be useless as audit logs.Also, if you use this parameter, it is best to set the maximum length of syslog messages in the system to 512 bytes.