Property Description
Parameter type String
Default value If this parameter is not explicitly specified, then database commit behavior defaults to writing commit records to disk before control is returned to the client.

If only IMMEDIATE or BATCH is specified, but not WAIT or NOWAIT, then WAIT mode is assumed.

If only WAIT or NOWAIT is specified, but not IMMEDIATE or BATCH, then IMMEDIATE mode is assumed

Modifiable Yes (at both session-level and system-level). Values supplied for COMMIT_WRITE in an ALTER SYSTEM or ALTER SESSION statement must be separated by a comma.
Range of values Single-quoted, comma-separated list of either IMMEDIATE or BATCH, and either WAIT or NOWAIT.
Basic No
Real Application Clusters Each instance may have its own setting

COMMIT_WRITE is an advanced parameter used to control how redo for transaction commits is written to the redo logs. The IMMEDIATE and BATCH options control how redo is batched by Log Writer. The WAIT and NOWAIT options control when the redo for a commit is flushed to the redo logs.