Property Description
Parameter type String

"decimal_character group_separator"

Default value Derived from NLS_TERRITORY

NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS specifies the characters to use as the group separator and decimal character. It overrides those characters defined implicitly by NLS_TERRITORY. The group separator separates integer groups (that is, thousands, millions, billions, and so on). The decimal separates the integer portion of a number from the decimal portion.

You can specify any character as the decimal or group separator. The two characters specified must be single-byte and must be different from each other. The characters cannot be any numeric character or any of the following characters: plus (+), minus sign (-), less than sign (<), greater than sign (>). Either character can be a space.

For example, if you wish to specify a comma as the decimal character and a space as the group separator, you would set this parameter as follows:


See Also:

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