Property Description
Parameter type Boolean
Default value true
Range of values true | false
Real Application Clusters The default value is TRUE. Oracle recommends that multiple instances have the same value.

TRACE_ENABLED controls tracing of the execution history, or code path, of Oracle. Oracle Support Services uses this information for debugging.

When TRACE_ENABLED is set to true, Oracle records information in specific files when errors occur.

Oracle records this information for all instances, even if only one instance terminates. This allows Oracle to retain diagnostics for an entire cluster.

Although the overhead incurred from this processing is not excessive, you can improve performance by setting TRACE_ENABLED to false. You might do this, for example, to meet high-end benchmark requirements. However, if you leave this parameter set to false, you may lose valuable diagnostic information. Therefore, always set TRACE_ENABLED to true to trace system problems and to reduce diagnostic efforts in the event of unexplained instance failures.