ALL_SUBSCRIPTIONS describes the subscriptions accessible to the current user. This view is intended for use by Change Data Capture subscribers.

Related Views

  • DBA_SUBSCRIPTIONS describes all subscriptions in the database.

  • USER_SUBSCRIPTIONS describes the subscriptions owned by the current user.

Column Datatype NULL Description
HANDLE NUMBER NOT NULL Subscription handler
SET_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Change set name
USERNAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL User name of the subscriber
CREATED DATE NOT NULL Subscription creation date
STATUS VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL N indicates not yet active, A indicates is currently active
EARLIEST_SCN NUMBER NOT NULL Subscription window low boundary
LATEST_SCN NUMBER NOT NULL Subscription window high boundary
DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(255)   Comment field for the subscriber
LAST_PURGED DATE   Last time the subscriber called the PURGE_WINDOW for this subscription
LAST_EXTENDED DATE   Last time the subscriber called the EXTEND_WINDOW for this subscription
SUBSCRIPTION_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Name of the subscription