DBA_STREAMS_TRANSFORMATIONS displays all the transformations available on a system, in order of execution.

Column Datatype NULL Description
RULE_OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   The owner of the rule
RULE_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   The name of the rule
TRANSFORM_TYPE VARCHAR2(26)   The type of the transformation (declarative, subset rule, or user-defined)
FROM_SCHEMA_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   The schema to be renamed
TO_SCHEMA_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   The new schema name
FROM_TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   The table to be renamed
TO_TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   The new table name
SCHEMA_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   The schema of the column to be modified
TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   The table of the column to be modified
FROM_COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(4000)   The column to be renamed
TO_COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(4000)   The new column name
COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(4000)   The column to add or delete
COLUMN_VALUE ANYDATA   The value of the column to add
COLUMN_TYPE VARCHAR2(4000)   The type of the new column
COLUMN_FUNCTION VARCHAR2(30)   The name of the default function
VALUE_TYPE VARCHAR2(3)   Whether to modify the new or old values, or both, of the LCR
USER_FUNCTION_NAME VARCHAR2(4000)   The name of the user-defined transformation
SUBSETTING_OPERATION VARCHAR2(6)   DML operation for row subsetting
DML_CONDITION VARCHAR2(4000)   Row subsetting condition
DECLARATIVE_TYPE VARCHAR2(13)   The type of declarative transform
PRECEDENCE NUMBER   The execution order relative to other declarative transformations on the same STEP_NUMBER
STEP_NUMBER NUMBER   The order in which this transformation should be executed