FLASHBACK_TRANSACTION_QUERY displays information about all flashback transaction queries in the database.

Column Datatype NULL Description
XID RAW(8)   Transaction identifier
START_SCN NUMBER   Transaction start system change number (SCN)
START_TIMESTAMP DATE   Transaction start timestamp
COMMIT_SCN NUMBER   Transaction commit system change number (null for active transactions)
COMMIT_TIMESTAMP DATE   Transaction commit timestamp (null for active transactions)
LOGON_USER VARCHAR2(30)   Logon user for the transaction
UNDO_CHANGE# NUMBER   Undo system change number (1 or higher)
OPERATION VARCHAR2(32)   Forward-going DML operation performed by the transaction:
  • D - Delete

  • I - Insert

  • U - Update

  • B


TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(256)   Name of the table to which the DML applies
TABLE_OWNER VARCHAR2(32)   Owner of the table to which the DML applies
ROW_ID VARCHAR2(19)   Rowid of the row that was modified by the DML
UNDO_SQL VARCHAR2(4000)   SQL to undo the DML indicated by OPERATION