INDEX_STATS stores information from the last ANALYZE INDEX ... VALIDATE STRUCTURE statement.


The ANALYZE INDEX ... VALIDATE STRUCTURE OFFLINE statement must be used in order to collect statistics
Column Datatype NULL Description
HEIGHT NUMBER   Height of the B-Tree
BLOCKS NUMBER NOT NULL Blocks allocated to the segment
NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Name of the index
PARTITION_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the partition of the index which was analyzed. If the index is not partitioned, null is returned.
LF_ROWS NUMBER   Number of leaf rows (values in the index)
LF_BLKS NUMBER   Number of leaf blocks in the B-Tree
LF_ROWS_LEN NUMBER   Sum of the lengths of all the leaf rows
LF_BLK_LEN NUMBER   Usable space in a leaf block
BR_ROWS NUMBER   Number of branch rows in the B-Tree
BR_BLKS NUMBER   Number of branch blocks in the B-Tree
BR_ROWS_LEN NUMBER   Sum of the lengths of all the branch blocks in the B-Tree
BR_BLK_LEN NUMBER   Usable space in a branch block
DEL_LF_ROWS NUMBER   Number of deleted leaf rows in the index
DEL_LF_ROWS_LEN NUMBER   Total length of all deleted rows in the index
DISTINCT_KEYS NUMBER   Number of distinct keys in the index (may include rows that have been deleted)
MOST_REPEATED_KEY NUMBER   How many times the most repeated key is repeated (may include rows that have been deleted)
BTREE_SPACE NUMBER   Total space currently allocated in the B-Tree
USED_SPACE NUMBER   Total space that is currently being used in the B-Tree
PCT_USED NUMBER   Percent of space allocated in the B-Tree that is being used
ROWS_PER_KEY NUMBER   Average number of rows per distinct key (this figure is calculated without consideration of deleted rows)
BLKS_GETS_PER_ACCESS NUMBER   Expected number of consistent mode block reads per row, assuming that a randomly chosen row is accessed using the index. Used to calculate the number of consistent reads that will occur during an index scan.
PRE_ROWS NUMBER   Number of prefix rows (values in the index)
PRE_ROWS_LEN NUMBER   Sum of lengths of all prefix rows
OPT_CMPR_COUNT NUMBER   Optimal key compression length
OPT_CMPR_PCTSAVE NUMBER   Corresponding space savings after an ANALYZE