List of Examples

1-1 Invoking A Procedure That Does Not Take Arguments
1-2 Invoking A Procedure That Takes Arguments
1-3 Invoking the Default Procedure Stored in the DAD Configuration
1-4 Sending a URL to Execute the Scalar Version of a Procedure
1-5 Sending a URL to Execute the Array Version of a Procedure
1-6 Two Parameter Interface
1-7 Four Parameter Interface
1-8 Parameters for Document Upload/Download
1-9 PlsqlDocumentProcedure
1-10 PlsqlUploadAsLongRaw
1-11 PlsqlCGIEnvironmentList with Environment Variable Overrides
1-12 PlsqlCGIEnvironmentList with New Environment Variable
3-1 System Default Settings Specified with the PlsqlExclusionList Directive