The prefs_interface_config.gif image shows the iSQL*Plus Interface Configuration Preferences screen. It has an Oracle iSQL*Plus logo in the top left, and the three standard iSQL*Plus navigation icons: Logout, Preferences and Help in the top right, separated from the main body by a horizontal line.

The right hand end of the dividing line contains two selectable tabs. Neither tab is active. They are labelled Workspace, and History.

The body is labelled Interface Configuration, and a drop down menu is displayed on the left side. The first option of the drop down menu, Interface Configuration, is selected. The remaining options are: System Configuration and Change Password. System Configuration has 3 sub options, Script Formatting, Script Execution, and Database Administration.

The body shows the fields and buttons for those preferences visible in the image, but there are more available by scrolling down. The text underneath the body label, Interface Configuration, reads, "Configure settings that affect the iSQL*Plus user interface". At the right hand end of this line, there are two buttons labelled, "Cancel", and "Apply". The visible options are labelled: