The Create SQL Tuning Set: Filter Options page is shown.The database is orcl102.The Finish, Cancel, Back, and Next buttons are shown. The text between the Back and Next buttons is "Step 3 of 5."The Total Number of SQL Statements section is shown. The Top N box shows <ALL>. The Sorted By list shows ELAPSED_TIME.The Filter Conditions section follows. The following text appears at the beginning of the section: "Only the SQL statements that meet all the following filter conditions will be included as search results. Rows with an empty value in the 'Value' column will not be included as filter conditions in the search."A list shows the Plan Hash Value selected. Next to it is the button Add a Filter or Column.The table has the following columns: Filter Attribute, Operator, Value, Remove.Row 1 has the following values: "Parsing Schema Name", =, null, (pencil icon).Row 2 has the following values: "SQL Text", LIKE, null, (pencil icon).Row 3 has the following values: "SQL ID", =, null, (pencil icon).Row 4 has the following values: "Elapsed Time (sec)", >=, null, (pencil icon).

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