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Oracle® Application Server Reports Services Publishing Reports to the Web
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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List of Figures

1-1 OracleAS Reports Services Components
1-2 Server Discovery within a Subnet
1-3 Server Discovery Across Subnets
1-4 Server Discovery Using the COS Naming Service
3-1 Oracle Reports Bridge Configuration (Two-Way)
3-2 Oracle Reports Bridge Configuration (One-Way)
4-1 Font list in Reports Builder
4-2 Font lookup flow
4-3 xlsfonts sample output
5-1 Oracle Reports printing on UNIX
5-2 Oracle Reports printing on Microsoft Windows
6-1 Compressed Output Versus Non-Compressed Output
6-2 Font Subsetting
6-3 Font Embedding
7-1 Sample Cross-Platform Deployment Scenario
8-1 Main components of destination/distribution architecture
9-1 JDBC Connect Dialog Box in Reports Builder
9-2 Select a Data Source Type
9-3 Calling a stored procedure
9-4 Query Description
10-1 Authentication Process with SSO
10-2 Oracle Delegated Administration Services Create Resource
10-3 Authorization Process with SSO
10-4 Authentication Process without SSO
10-5 Authorization Process without SSO
10-6 SSO Architecture
11-1 Delegated Administration Services Preferences
11-2 Oracle Delegated Administration Services Create Resource
11-3 Oracle Internet Directory Configuration Preferences Page
11-4 Create Resource Type page
14-1 Viewing the WSDL
19-1 Farm Page in Application Server Control
19-2 Oracle Application Server Home Page in Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g
19-3 Reports Server Home Page in Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g
19-4 Grid Control Console
19-5 Grid Control Console, Targets, Application Servers Tab
19-6 Grid Control Console, Application Server Page
20-1 Reports Builder Runtime Trace Setting Dialog Box
20-2 Format Triggers