This image shows the Manage Database Users page. It can show one icon for each defined database user, arranged as 3 rows of 5 icons per row. The current snapshot of the page shows only one icon, that of the HR user. It also shows a range of user numbers at the bottom right, which represents the users shown on the page. For example, if the page is showing user numbers 1 through 15, the range is 1-15. If there are more than 15 users, the range is followed by a right arrow that enables you to go to the next page. Drop-down lists at the top of the page enable you to select whether to view the page as icons or as a list; to select the number of users to appear on each page; and to select whether only database users, internal users, or all users are shown. There is also a Create button at the top of the page for creating a new user.