chap2_config_005.gif shows the Zend Core for Oracle Control Center System Overview page.

The page header displays Control Center, Configuration, Documentation, About and Logout tabs. The Control Center tab is selected, and System Overview, PHP Info, Benchmark, Support and Updates subtabs are displayed.

The body of the page is titled System Overview. Immediately under and on the right are two icons labelled Refresh and Help. The body of the page contains text on the left, and a graph on the right labelled Web Server Processes and Threads. The text is:


Zend Core Version 1

PHP Version 5.0.5

Zend Engine Version 2.0.5

Server API apache2handler

PHP Configuration File c:\Program Files\Zend\Core for Oracle\etc\php.ini

Web server

Server Name localhost

Server Software Apache 2.0.55 (Win32) Zend Core/1 PHP/5.0.5

OS Version Windows NT PLUSTEST2 5.1 Build Z600

Server Configuration

Server Port 80

Server Status