chap2_install_004.gif shows the Oracle Technology Network Web page for the Zend Core for Oracle product.

The page has a line of tabs across the top, a left-side main page area, and a right-side column of links.

The tabs across the top are titled, from left to right:

Downloads, Documentation, Discussion Forums, Articles, Sample Code, Training, RSS XML, and Resources For.

The main page area has the heading, Zend Core for Oracle. Immediately underneath is a general description and availability notice for the product.

Then follows the subheading, Product Information. Immediately underneath is a bulleted list of links. Only two are visible:

Data Sheet (PDF), and Installation Guide (PDF).

The right-side column of links is headed by a button titled Free Download. Immediately underneath is the link, Download, and the text, Zend Core for Oracle (Beta) from Then follows a subheading, Learn More. Immediately underneath is a list of links: PHP Developer Center, PHP Discussion Forum, and Podcast: A Quick Tour of Zend Core for Oracle.

Then follows another subheading, Related Technologies. Immediately underneath is a list of links, only two are visible: Oracle Database 10g, and Oracle Application Server 10g.