chap2_install_040.gif shows the Zend Core for Oracle Zend Network Registration page.

The titlebar of the page contains the heading, Zend Core for Oracle - InstallShield Wizard.

The header of the page contains the text:

Zend Network Registration

The body of the page contains a logo on the left, with the label, Zend Core(trademark) for Oracle. The right side of the page contains text and two radio buttons. The text is:

Zend Core offers various support programs.

If you are already subscribed to one of the Zend Core support programs, you can update your Zend Core environbment over theInternet. If you are not subscribed to one of the Zend Core Support porgrams, please see our support seciotn in theZend Network site. you may also enter your Zend Network User ID and Password later,in the Zend Core setup tool.

The radio buttons are labelled:

No is selected.

The footer of the page contains the word, InstallShield, on the left, and three buttons, Back, Next and Cancel.