chap2_install_043.gif shows the Zend Core for Oracle Installation complete page.

The titlebar of the page contains the heading, Zend Core for Oracle - InstallShield Wizard.

The header of the page has no content.

The body of the page contains a logo on the left, with the label, Zend Core(trademark) for Oracle. The right side of the page contains text and two radio buttons. The text is:

Installation complete.

Zend Core for Oracle was installed successfully.

Zend Core Readme file and the Zend Core Administration Console were added to you Start Menu. Click Finish to exit the Installaion.

The radio buttons are labelled:

Yes is selected.

Please make sure you reboot your system, otherwise your Zend Core Installation may become unstable.

The footer of the page contains the word, InstallShield, on the left, and three buttons, Back, Finish and Cancel. Both Back and Cancel are unavailable.