chap6_stored_proc_linux_009.gif shows the SQL Commands page.

The Oracle Database XE logo appears on the left side of the header. Home, Logout, and Help icons appear in the right side of the header. The current user, HR, is displayed under the logo.

Horizontal lines separate the header and body content. Immediately under the separator, a navigation breadcrumb appears on the left side, and a schema list field appears on the right side. The navigation breadcrumb displays Home > SQL > SQL Commands. The schema currently selected is HR.

The majority of the body is taken up by the editor pane. It contains the statements

create or replace function calc_remuneration(
  salary IN number, commission_pct IN number) return number is
  return ((salary * 12) + (salary * 12 * nvl(commission_pct,0)));

Immediately above the editor pane are the following:

Immediately under the editor pane are the following tab controls:

The following text appears at the bottom of the page:

Enter SQL or PL/SQL and click Run to see the results.