chap7_loadimg_002.gif shows the Oracle Database XE home page. The Oracle Database XE logo appears on the left side of the header. Logout and Help icons appear in the right side of the header. The current user, HR, is displayed under the logo.

Horizontal lines separate the header and body content. Immediately under the separator, a navigation breadcrumb appears on the left side. The navigation breadcrumb displays Home.

The body contains four icons in two rows of two columns. The first row contains the Application Builder and Object Browser icons. The second row contains the SQL and Utilities icons. Each icon has a down arrow on the right side.

The down arrow on the SQL icon has been selected to display the SQL menu:

In turn, the SQL Commands option has been selected to display the SQL Commands menu, which contains only one entry, Enter Command. The mouse cursor is on the Enter Command entry.

A list of External links appears in the right side of the body of the page. The external links are: