chap7_loadimg_023.gif shows a Web page with the title, Employees: Administration. Immediately underneath is a horizontal line to separate the header and the body of the page. Then there is a table of four rows of eight columns. The first row contains the column headings:

no heading, Employee ID, Employee Name, Hiredate, Salary, Commission (%), Remuneration, Photograph.

The data rows contain the following data:

unchecked radio button, 200, J. Whalen, 17-Sep-87, 4,400.00, 0, 52,800.00, Employee photo (text).

unchecked radio button, 209, G. Stokol, 11-Sep-05, 8,000.00, 0, 96,000.00, Employee photo (image).

unchecked radio button, 210, C. Jones, 11-Oct-05, 9,000.00, 0, 108,000.00, Employee photo (thumbnail image).

Under the data, there are four buttons labelled, Modify, Delete, Insert new employee, and Return to Departments.