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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Installation Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1.2) for AIX 5L Based Systems (64-Bit)

Part Number B25471-10
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G Using Command-Line Options and Variables

This appendix explains the command-line options and variables that can be used to run the Oracle Universal Installer for installing Oracle Collaboration Suite. It contains the following topics:

This section contains the following topics:

G.1 Running Prerequisite Checks

You can just run the prerequisite checks without having to install Oracle Collaboration Suite components by using the following command:

./runInstaller -prereqChecker PREREQ_CONFIG_LOCATION=path_to_/stage/prereq 
-entryPoint entry_point

In the preceding syntax, the value of entry_point can be any of the following:

G.2 Starting Oracle Universal Installer

You can start the Oracle Universal Installer by using the following command:

runInstaller [options] [CommandLineVariable=Value]

In the preceding syntax, [options] can have the following values:

G.3 Specifying Custom Ports

For Oracle Collaboration Suite installation, you can specify custom port numbers in the following two ways:

The Ports Configuration Screen enables you to select custom port numbers only for a few well-known ports. On the other hand, the staticports.ini file provides a wider range of the ports that can be used during installation.


If you pass the path to the staticports.ini file as a parameter while running the runInstaller command, then the Ports Configuration Options screen will not appear during the installation.

A sample staticports.ini file is located in the /response directory of the Oracle Collaboration Suite DVD.

The command-line options used to specify staticports.ini file are as follows: