This figure shows the process of changing Identity Management from an old host to a new host.

The figure consists of a master host called Host 1 and a replica called Host 2. Host 1 has a master repository that contains a Single Sign-On schema and an Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Schema. The Single Sign-On Server accesses the Single Sign-On schema and communicates with the OID Server, which accesses the OID schema. Host 2 contains copies of all the components of Host 1.

Host 2 bears the number 1, representing Task 1. Host 1 and Host 2 are connected by an arrow, bearing the number 2, to represent the transfer of SSO and Oracle Directory Integration Platform (DIP) data from the original Metadata Repository to the new Metadata Repository. A middle-tier instance points (with an arrow bearing the number 3) to Host 2. An Oracle Identity Federation instance points (with an arrow bearing the number 4) to Host 2. A crossed-out arrow, bearing the number 5, points from Host 1 to Host 2 to represent the step of stopping the LDAP-based replication.