This figure shows test and production environments, each containing a middle-tier instance, connected to product Metadata Repository and Identity Management with a Metadata Repository.

It shows the flow of tasks for moving an application to a production environment. The test Identity Management, test product Metadata Repository, and test middle-tier instances bear the numbers 1, 2, and 3, respectively, representing the creation of those entities. An arrow with a label of LDAP Replication points from the production Identity Management to the test Identity Management, showing that replication takes place from the production Oracle Internet Directory to the test Oracle Internet Directory. An arrow with a label of Backup and Recover Metadata points from the test product Metadata Repository to the production product Metadata Repository, showing the movement of data. The test middle-tier instance and the production middle-tier instance are connected by an arrow, bearing the number 5 and a label of Clone or Install Middle Tier, to represent the creation of the production middle-tier instance.