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Oracle® Identity Management Application Developer's Guide
10g (

Part Number B15997-01
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What's New in the SDK?

Part I Programming for Oracle Identity Management

1 Developing Applications for Oracle Identity Management

2 Developing Applications with Standard LDAP APIs

3 Extensions to the LDAP Protocol

4 Developing Applications With Oracle Extensions to the Standard APIs

5 Using the Java API Extensions to JNDI

6 Using the API Extensions in PL/SQL

7 Developing Provisioning-Integrated Applications

8 Integrating with Oracle Delegated Administration Services

9 Developing Applications for Single Sign-On

10 Integrating J2EE Applications and Oracle Internet Directory

Part II Server Plug-ins

11 Developing Plug-ins for the Oracle Internet Directory Server

12 PL/SQL Server Plug-ins

13 Java Server Plug-ins

Part III Oracle Internet Directory Programming Reference

14 C API Reference

15 DBMS_LDAP PL/SQL Reference

16 Java API Reference


18 DAS_URL Interface Reference

19 Oracle Directory Integration Platform User Provisioning Java API Reference

20 Oracle Directory Integration Platform PL/SQL API Reference

Part IV Appendixes

A Java Plug-ins for User Provisioning

B DSML Syntax

C Migrating from Netscape LDAP SDK API to Oracle LDAP SDK API