This figure shows two nodes, one active and one passive. The active node runs OracleAS Metadata Repository, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Delegated Administration Services, OracleAS Single Sign-On, and Oracle Directory Integration Platform.

There are two shared disks. One of them contains the Oracle home for an existing database. You install the OracleAS Metadata Repository in this database.

The other shared disk contains the Oracle home for Oracle Identity Management.

The active node has access to both shared disks.

Each node also has a local storage. The local storage contains Oracle Fail Safe (in C:\Oracle\OFS) and the corresponding inventory directory (in C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory).

There is a virtual hostname and IP address associated with the active node.

If node 1 fails, the virtual hostname and IP address become associated with node 2. Node 2 gets access to both shared disks and runs the Oracle Application Server and the database processes.