The figure shows two nodes, node 1 and node 2, for running OracleAS Infrastructure. These nodes use the virtual address "" and the virtual IP Node 1 is the primary and active host; node 2 is the secondary host. The virtual address and virtual IP are associated with node 1 (the active host). On failover, they will be associated with node 2.

Oracle Fail Safe is installed on the local storages of node 1 and node 2, in the C:\Oracle\OFS directory. The local storages also contain the inventory directory (C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory).

Node 1 and node 2 are associated with a common shared storage. Node 1 has access to the disk during normal runtime. If node 1 fails, a failover event occurs and node 2 gets access to the disk. OracleAS Infrastructure (including the Oracle Identity Management and OracleAS Metadata Repository) is installed on this shared storage. The Oracle home directory for OracleAS Infrastructure is F:\Oracle\ias, and the data files for the OracleAS Metadata Repository database are stored in F:\Oracle\oradata\iasdb.

In addition to the two nodes for the OracleAS Infrastructure, the figure shows additional nodes for running Oracle Application Server middle tiers.