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Oracle® Application Server Release Notes
10g ( for Microsoft Windows (64-Bit) on Intel Itanium

Part Number B32107-06
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1 Introduction

This chapter introduces Oracle Application Server Release Notes, 10g (10.1.4). It includes the following topics:

1.1 Latest Release Information

This document is accurate at the time of publication. Oracle will update the release notes periodically after the software release. You can access the latest information and additions to these release notes on the Oracle Technology Network at:

In addition to these release notes, please also see Patch Notes 10g ( and Note 743141.1 Oracle Identity Management 10g ( Patch Set Notes Addendum for information about the following Identity Management components:.

1.2 Purpose of this Document

This document contains the release information for Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.4). It describes differences between Oracle Application Server and its documented functionality. It has been updated to the most recent 10.1.4 release or patch set for each component.

Oracle recommends you review its contents before installing, or working with the product. You should also review the Release Notes or Readme for the most recent 10.1.4 release for each component.

When you install Oracle Identity Management 10g (, specific installation types include Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J), and Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control Console. For release notes that affect these components, refer to the Oracle Application Server Release Notes for Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (

1.3 Operating System Requirements

Oracle Application Server installation and configuration will not complete successfully unless users meet the hardware and software pre-requisite requirements before installation. See Oracle Application Server Installation Guide for a complete list of operating system requirements.

1.4 Multiple Versions of Identity Management in this Release

The 10g ( CD Pack currently ships with two versions of the Identity Management components, the original 10g ( Identity Management components and the new 10g ( Identity Management components. Except in very special circumstances, such as use of third party products that are only certified against the original 10g ( Identity Management, it is recommended that the new 10g ( Identity Management components be used from the CD Pack. Please check the certification matrix on My Oracle Support at compatibility with your operating systems, platforms and third party products.

1.5 Certification Information

The latest certification information for Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.4) is available at:

1.6 Licensing Information

Licensing information for Oracle Application Server is available at:

Detailed information regarding license compliance for Oracle Application Server is available at: