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Oracle® Application Server Release Notes
10g ( for Microsoft Windows (64-Bit) on Intel Itanium

Part Number B32107-06
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10 Oracle Virtual Directory

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle Virtual Directory and is an addition to the information contained in the Oracle Virtual Directory Patch Notes, part number E12282-01. You can access the Oracle Virtual Directory Patch Notes on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Web site at the following URL:

This chapter includes the following topics:

10.1 Documentation Errata

This section describes documentation errata. It includes the following topics:

10.1.1 Correction for Access Control Rules Documentation

In the "Access Control Rules" section of the Oracle Virtual Directory Product Manuals for Releases 10g (10.1.4.x), the documentation for "Entry Permissions," specifically, the descriptions for the BrowseDN and ReturnDN permissions, is misleading.

To clarify, both the BrowseDN and ReturnDN permissions must be set to Grant for browse or retrieve operations on source repository entries to be processed. Contrary to the 10.1.4.x documentation, browse or retrieve operations will not be processed if either the BrowseDN or ReturnDN permissions are set to Deny.