SQLCODE Function

In an exception handler, the SQLCODE function returns the numeric code of the exception being handled. (Outside an exception handler, SQLCODE returns 0.)

For an exception that the database raises, the numeric code is the number of the associated Oracle Database error. This number is negative except for the error "no data found", whose numeric code is +100.

For a user-defined exception, the numeric code is either +1 (the default) or the Oracle Database error number associated with the exception by the EXCEPTION_INIT pragma.

A SQL statement cannot invoke SQLCODE. To use the value of SQLCODE in a SQL statement, assign it to a local variable first.

If a function invokes SQLCODE, and you use the RESTRICT_REFERENCES pragma to assert its purity, you cannot specify the constraints WNPS and RNPS.


sqlcode_function ::=

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