What's New in GeoRaster?

This section describes new and changed features of Oracle Spatial GeoRaster for Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1).

Enhanced Ease of Use, Reliability, and Manageability

For the current release, GeoRaster automates certain tasks that previously needed to be performed manually, and it provides new administrative tools for users who need to perform specialized tasks.

For more information about GeoRaster and database management, see Section 1.11.

New Metadata and Raster Support

The current release provides support for new GeoRaster metadata and raster types:

New Functions, Procedures, and Other Features

The current release provides many new subprograms and other enhancements related to the GeoRaster PL/SQL API and other features, including the following:

The following table lists the new PL/SQL subprograms for this release. (It does not include existing subprograms that were significantly enhanced for this release.)