A Installation, Compatibility, and Upgrade

If you are upgrading to Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Spatial is automatically upgraded as part of the operation. For information about the upgrade procedure, see Oracle Database Upgrade Guide.

If you need to downgrade Spatial to the previous Oracle Database release, follow the instructions for downgrading a database back to the previous Oracle Database release in Oracle Database Upgrade Guide.

If you use Oracle Spatial GeoRaster, see Section A.1.

A.1 Ensuring That GeoRaster Works Properly After an Installation or Upgrade

To use the GeoRaster feature of Oracle Spatial, Oracle XML DB Repository must be installed properly. (In general, you should ensure that Oracle XML DB Repository is installed before you install Oracle Spatial.)

If Oracle Spatial has been installed (such as during an upgrade) but Oracle XML DB Repository is not installed, you need to install the Oracle XML DB Repository and reload related GeoRaster PL/SQL packages. In this case, follow these steps

  1. Install Oracle XML DB Repository.

    For information about installing and uninstalling Oracle XML DB Repository, see Oracle XML DB Developer's Guide.

  2. Go to the $ORACLE_HOME/md/admin directory.

  3. Connect to the database as SYS AS SYSDBA.

  4. Enter the following SQL statements: